Swimming Pool

We’d be delighted to be your expert partner in pool safety – working with you to achieve safe and robustly defendable operations.

Inland & Occupational

Rivers, Lakes, Beaches, Harbours, Marinas and Quarries – Managing safety in open-water environments can be truly challenging.


Need help with Management Planning, Lifeguard set-up or training, Water-sports Management or Event-based Beach Activity? We’re here to help!

Drowning Alarms

Like Fire Alarms – but for drowning. Sitting within an intergrated pool safety system, they make pools much, much safer (And can reduce costs)

5 Steps to a Safe and Efficient Pool

Need help understanding the requirements for a safe and efficient pool operation? Here’s 5 simple steps to follow.

The Benefits of Drowning Prevention Technology

In simple terms `DPT’ or `advanced pool alarms’ offers three distinct operational benefits. Find out what they are and how you can utilise them in your pool operation.

Client Feedback

“Damian came to Danesfield House to train us on Swimming Pool Safety. Over the years I have been on a number of first aid and safety courses, Damien’s course was by far the most enjoyable, detailed and productive and the whole team was engaged through out. I thought it was brilliant”

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5 Steps to a Safe and Efficient Open-Water Site

Follow 5 steps to a safe and efficient open-water site 1) Risk Assessment How might someone be harmed and what we’re doing about it. 2) Normal Operating Plan Responding to the risk assessment and defining day to day operations 3) Emergency Action Plan Making sure everyone knows what to do if a serious incident occurs […]

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`Fire Sniffers’, Technology and Drowning Prevention

Imagine arriving at a hotel and as Reception staff check you in they say… “now, we must inform you that we don’t have smoke detectors or fire alarms in this hotel – but we do have fire sniffers – they’re highly trained individuals who walk around, throughout the day and night, looking for signs of […]

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Protecting Your People – Colleagues and Customers

Calm in A Crisis It can happen in the blink of an eye. Everything’s changed. Something’s gone badly, badly wrong. Violence, fire, drowning, serious injury or structural building failure are some of the situations your people might have to face. So, just how prepared are they? I don’t mean have they done a First Aid […]

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