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Calm in A Crisis

It can happen in the blink of an eye. Everything’s changed. Something’s gone badly, badly wrong. Violence, fire, drowning, serious injury or structural building failure are some of the situations your people might have to face. So, just how prepared are they?

I don’t mean have they done a First Aid course or flicked through an operating manual. I mean do they know how to be calm, how to make wise and prudent decisions in stressful moments and do they understand your Emergency Plans?

It astonishes me how many First Aid courses include the throwaway instruction “First of all stay calm and check for danger, blah, blah, blah…” But omit to include even the most basic personal strategies for doing so. Like breathe control, awareness of the body’s stress response including adrenalin, noradrenaline, cortisol release and reflexive changes in the nervous system. Like practising `being calm’ way ahead of the storm – beneficial as a fundamental life skill and not just in a crisis.

Calmness, skill, knowedge and practice are the foundations of effective Crisis or Emergency Management. From there stems application of practical skills like de-escalating a stressful confrontation, putting someone in the recovery position or taking the lead in an evacuation – or any number of single actions or combinations of actions.

You, your business and your people deserve the capability to handle lifes harsher challenges. May I encourage you to take a moment and challenge your own perception of your businesses preparedness to handle a critical Emergency? And if you have any doubts – or if you’d like a `no obligation’ informal chat about what’s possible, please get in touch. Damian