We `do’ training. And we’re proud of doing it really, really well; just read some of our recommendations.

We can deliver `off the peg’ Governing Body Courses – like the RLSS UK, National Pool Lifeguard Qualification and `Emergency Response for Swimming Pools’ or we can work with you to create entirely individual programmes specifically for you.

Hybrid Projects

We love, LOVE a challenge! For example, when Argent, the Kings Cross Regeneration team, came up with the idea of `Kings Cross Pond Club’ (an open-water swimming pond as art installation – in the middle of a building site!) we put together a `blueprint for safety’.

Essentially a mix of indoor and open-water best practice and guidance adapted to fit with the vision for the installation.

So, if you’ve an idea or a challenge involving water and safety and it doesn’t seem to fit a standard box – talk to us.

Health and Safety Training

Hall Associates is a registered CIEH Training Centre and can deliver their full range of Health and Safety courses

But… whatever we are delivering we remember it’s for an individual. A real person with hopes and dreams and always a desire to be good at what they do.

So, for us `doing training’ is no small thing. It can be a life-changer, a life- saver, a business changer and a business-saver.

You can feel confident entrusting this very important function to us. We will take great care and we deliver.


We have a huge range of real life practical experience in all aspects of water-safety.

We can do a little – like review specific elements of your operating procedures

…or a lot – like audit you entire operation

And everything in between – like help to develop risk assessments or trouble-shoot operating problems.

And here’s a very important promise – we’ll keep it simple. And we WON’T come up with long-winded complex solutions to problems that don’t really exist. Less is more.

Training Needs Analysis

A `Training Needs Analysis’ (TNA) is a good place to start if you’re not absolutely sure about what you need. A TNA is a simple, straight-forward process of examining carefully what your operational goals are, what competencies your people need to achieve them – and which training (or mix of training) would best meet that need.

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