”The system (Sentag) is easy to install, simple and effective to use – and is proving to be appreciated by our discerning guests and their families”

Sean O’Connor
Group Spa Manager – Design & Development
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

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Drowning Prevention Technology

The Benefits

In simple terms `DPT’ or `advanced pool alarms’ offers three distinct operational benefits:

Improves Safety

Bridges the gap between human qualities and human failings (just like a fire alarm). Doesn’t have `off’ days. Always `on’ – always alert. If a bather gets into trouble Lifeguards and/or Responders WILL be alerted. There WILL be a Rescue.

Cost Efficiencies

May enable rationalisation of Lifeguard and/or Responder cover. Frees people to do what they do best and let’s technology do what it does best.

Guest Care:

– seamless, secure access control
– locker activation
– cash free payments

A Word from Damian Hall

“I firmly believe the time will come when all pools will have advanced drowning alarms – in the same way that all premises now have Fire Alarms (whereas prior to the 1970’s very few did). But my sense is that the concept, typically, generally is not well understood. For example, my experience is that people often jump to an `either/or’ position as in either Lifeguards OR Technology. There are many variations on the theme including, for example, Emergency Responders backed up by Technology and the mix of application/s and benefits, depending on local specifics can be wide-ranging”

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